UniSuper Webcast - Super Fundamentals

Join UniSuper for an interactive Super Fundamentals webcast. Everyone is welcome - even if you're not a UniSuper member.

We know our super is set aside for the future, but it needn't stay out of mind until then.

Decisions you make about your super throughout your working life can shape the kind of lifestyle you have when you're older. Knowing how it all works can give you the best chance of having the retirement of your dreams.

Join this UniSuper webcast where they will discuss:

  • Types of super
  • Growing your super
  • Protecting your financial wellbeing
  • How super can be invested

The webcast will be presented by Lindsay Ellis, Lead Super Consultant, UniSuper Advice. Lindsay has been a Superannuation Consultant  at UniSuper for 8 years and has spent her career in the financial services industry, specialising in superannuation.

This webcast will be held on Monday 9 October from 5:30pm-6:30pm.

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UniSuper Webcast - Understanding Retirement Income

Join UniSuper's interactive Understanding Retirement Income webcast. Everyone is welcome, even if you are not a UniSuper member.

Thinking about retirement income options can feel overwhelming. But understanding and choosing the right options for you can help you create your ideal retirement lifestyle.

Join UniSuper on Wednesday 25 October at 12:30pm as they discuss:

  • considerations before retirement
  • types of pensions
  • how pensions work
  • how UniSuper can help

The webcast is interactive and allows you to submit questions during the presentation. It will be open 15 minutes prior to the start time to allow you to download the presentation pack and view supporting material. This webcast is most suited to people aged over 55 who are non-pension with an account balance of >$200k.

This webcast will be held on Wednesday 25 October from 12:30pm-1:30pm.

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UniSuper Webcast - Managing Your Financial Wellbeing

Join UniSuper for an interactive webcast on Managing Your Financial Wellbeing. Everyone is welcome - even if you're not a UniSuper member.

Would you like to better manage debt and feel less anxious about money?

Money worries can be exhausting. Join UniSuper at this webcast so you can learn the importance of developing a healthy relationship with money and make informed financial decisions to shape your future.

The session will cover the following:

  • Understanding spending
  • Managing debt
  • Investment basics
  • Protecting your financial wellbeing, and
  • Retirement planning

This webcast will be held on Tuesday 31 October from 12pm-1pm.

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